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The Music Marketing program at UTSA provides a unique and exciting learning experience to serious musicians who are interested in the business of music. Our program is distinctly different from most college music industry programs in several ways. First, and possibly most important to students, it's a full Bachelor of Music degree, with all the advantages, opportunities, and requirements of other areas in the BM degree. This means that all Music Marketing students audition, take private instruction, and perform in ensembles, just like all other music majors. Our graduates are excellent, well trained musicians that can flourish in the highly competitive professional music world. Second, we have a rigorous business core requirement. These courses, which include economics, marketing, communication, and management courses, provide Music Marketing students with the basic skills and concepts they need to understand the business environment apart from the constantly changing and unpredictable music industry. Third, we emphasize a broad range of activities that offer practical experience in diverse areas of music that correspond to students' interests. We work on arts administration projects, live music promotion and production, audio recording and internet distribution projects, music products sales and marketing, and entrepreneurial activities that help prepare students to meet the challenges of forging a career in music.

The UTSA Music Marketing program attracts ambitious, dedicated music students that are not afraid of a challenge and are looking for a program that will prepare them to be competitive in a tough business. We're definitely not a "fantasy camp" program for would-be record producers or studio engineers. (Although, we have an excellent music technology certificate program!) Our graduates have an impressive record of finding good jobs and building good careers in real-life situations in the music world.

If you think the UTSA Music Marketing program might be for you, and you'd like to know more, please feel free to email me

Dr. Matthew Dunne Coordinator, Music Marketing UTSA Department of Music

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